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CARIB INN, Saint FrançoisGuadeloupe, 16.500 sqm, hotel & villas, design in progress
SILVERSANDS, Grenada, 15.000 sqm, hotel & villas, under construction
VILLA BIBBIA, Sicilia, 5.000 sqm, refurbishment of a boutique hotel, concept design
CHEDI DHAPPARU, Maldives Islands, 10.000 sqm, 5 star resort, design in progress
AL KHAIRAN RESORT, Sultanate of Oman, 20.000 sqm, 5 star resort, under construction
BARKA RESORT VILLAGE, Sultanate of Oman, 15.000 sqm, design in progress
MARRIOTT TAGHAZOUT, Morocco, 28.000 sqm, resort & villas, competition, 1st prize
CAYO LARGO, Puerto Rico, 22.000 sqm, resort & villas, concept design
ANI VILLAS, Dikwella, Sri Lanka, 2.700 sqm, villas, completed
PHUM BAITANG, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 9.000 sqm, 5 star resort, completed
SIX SENSES CONDAO, Condao Island, Vietnam, 26.000 sqm, eco-resort, completed
NORMAN ESTATE, Danang, Vietnam, 5.800 sqm, residential & club house, completed
DAR SABRA, Marrakech, Morocco, 1.500 sqm, boutique hotel, completed
JABAL AL AHKDAR, Sultanate of Oman, 21.000 sqm, 5 star hotel, concept design
CHEDI TAMUDA BAY, Tangiers, Morocco, 15.000 sqm, resort & villas, under construction
THE NAM HAI, Hoi An, Vietnam, 24.000 sqm, 5 star hotel & villas, completed
THE TANAI, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Caribbean, 50.000 sqm, 5 star hotel & villas, concept design
THE MALKAI, Barka, Sultanate of Oman, 100.000 sqm, resort, golf course & spa, design stage
ALILA VILLAS, Mui Ne, Vietnam, 22.000 sqm, resort & villas, mock up completed


MUMBAI RESIDENCE, Mumbai, India, 1.000sqm, private apartment, under construction
VILLA SAINT BARTH, Marigot, 450 sqm, private villa, under construction
VILLA CORSICA, Bonifacio, France, private villa, completed
PRIVATE BEACH ESTATE, Azziziah, Saudi Arabia, 4.000 sqm, villas & services, design in progress
PRIVATE VILLA, Paris, France, 300 sqm, completed
VILLA CASABLANCA, Morocco, 1.000 sqm, private villa, under construction
VILLAS IN BALI, Indonesia, 2.000 sqm, private villas, completed


PATEK PHILIPPE RETAIL, outlet worldwide interior concept roll out
PATEK PHILIPPE SALON, 400 sqm, London, UK, completed
PATEK PHILIPPE SALON, 600 sqm, Beijing , China, completed
PATEK PHILIPPE SERVICE CENTER, 850 sqm, Singapour, completed



ANI ART ACADEMY, Dikwella, Sri Lanka, 530 sqm, art school, completed
PERSHING ‘Réinventer Paris’, 11.500 sqm, competition with Ateliers 234 & NLA
LYCEE FRANÇAIS of Abu Dhabi, UAE, 5.000 sqm, competition
MAISON DE CHAMPAGNE, Reims, France, 6.000 sqm, visits, under construction
POLE JAURES, Paris, France, 34.000 sqm, refurbishment, design stage
LYCEE FRANÇAIS of Sousse, Tunisia, 5.000 sqm, competition with Atelier Kiarash Becheur
SUNCITY, Rabat, Morocco, 44.000 sqm, mixed use development, under construction
LYCEE FRANÇAIS Marguerite Duras, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 9.000 sqm, completed
LYCEE FRANÇAIS of Amman, Amman, Jordan, 5.000 sqm, completed
118 ELYSEES, Paris, France, 2.500 sqm, office building refurbishment, completed
UNIVERSITE DE BOURGOGNE, Dijon, France, 1.500 sqm, with NFA, completed
ILOT SAUSSURE, Paris, France, 12.000 sqm, sustainable office building, competition
8 ROCHEFOUCAULD, Paris, France, 2.500 sqm, office building refurbishment, completed
21 BOISSEAU, Clichy, France, 2.400 sqm, office building refurbishment, completed
ESMOD FASHION SCHOOL, Paris, France, 3.000 sqm, refurbishment, completed
NOMAD, Tafilalet, Morocco, mobile medical center, concept design            
FV HOSPITAL, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 22.000 sqm, completed
FINNFOREST HEADQUARTERS, Gennevilliers, France, 600 sqm, office building, completed
MUSEUM OF PRIMAL ARTS, Paris, France, 35.000 sqm, competition with SHL


MAISONS INNOVANTES, France, 4.500 sqm, sustainable houses, under construction
JOHN STREET DEVELOPMENT, New York City, USA, 9.000 sqm, competition
OURCQ JAURES, Paris, France, 5.000 sqm, sustainable housing 100 units, competition
JULES LAGAISSE, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, 2.000 sqm, housing 37 units, completed
PIERRE CURIE, Le Bourget, France, 2.000 sqm, housing 33 units, completed
LENOX, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2.000 sqm, apartment building, completed
ALBERT CAMUS, Dijon, France, 3.270 sqm, housing 38 units, with NFA, completed
FV HOUSING, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 5.000 sqm, housing 40 units, completed
SAINT JUST, Ivry sur Seine, 8.200 sqm, housing 107 units, completed 
MUNKISAARI, Helsinki, Finland, 2,4ha, 450 housing units, competition, 1st Prize

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